We seek out the best scuba diving and soft adventure vacations the world has to offer...

But it doesn't stop there. We offer the resources and guidance to immerse yourself in the best natural and cultural experiences each location has to offer.Hike to a waterfall, ride a horse, go bird watching, canoe through a rainforest, and journey through jungles and ruins. Most of all: relax and enjoy the beach, sun and water, and make new friends along the way.

You'll see some amazing things underwater

Humpback whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, tropical fish, sea turtles - you name it, we've seen it. There's no experience quite like seeing majestic underwater life in its natural habitat.

Experience the local culture first-hand

Wherever we go, we like to meet the local people, experience their culture, eat their food, visit their villages, and take in the beauty of their country. The locations we visit are normally steeped in interesting history. You'll take home a broader understanding of the world.

So many things to do

Visit waterfalls, ride horses, hike through jungles, discover ancient ruins! We've been there and done that and still find joy in returning time and time again to bring you there.

Make the trip what you want

Our excursions are soft-adventure activities that almost everyone can participate in and enjoy. Join planned activities or just relax under a palm tree, lie in a hammock, or take a walk. Do what is best for you - what makes a vacation special for you.