Dive Instruction and Certification


Scuba certification courses are fun and much easier than you think!

Our small class size allows our PADI instructors to tailor classes to your needs. Each class is geared to the students enrolled in that class. We emphasize fun, thorough training in a relaxed environment, and pay special attention to those who like to go at a slower, more relaxed pace. However, for those extremely comfortable with the equipment and skills, perhaps with prior diving experience, we move more rapidly and complete the certification process more quickly.

We teach many courses

From a scuba try-out, (a half day experience, just to see if you like it) to full open water certification, to specialty courses for the more advanced diver. We offer beginning and open water courses on most of our group trips. However, all destinations and itineraries are not conducive to training at all skill levels. Advanced courses are available on all trips. Check our individual trip schedules for class availability.

It's EASY and FUN to become scuba certified!

Any way you choose, Pure Adventure instructors are there to help you and make your first diving experience memorable -an experience you'll want to do over and over again. We'd love to have you join us on a really fun time and a great new adventure!

Scuba Certification Programs

Complete academics at home and do water work on your warm water trip.

Complete academics and pool work at your local dive center and finish open water dives on your trip.

Do the complete course on your trip-we recommend you at least read the book beforehand-it saves precious time on your vacation and gets you diving sooner.

Courses include use of academic materials needed, all instruction, and PADI processing fee. (The academic material is available on CD ROM for an additional charge.)

note: certification prices are valid when purchased in conjunction with Pure Adventure scuba diving trips...

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