Our Pure Adventure Team is very experienced. We are all certified scuba instructors, dive masters, kayak instructors and professional photographers (both above and below water). We have all traveled extensively and know our destinations well. Some of us have lived and worked at these destinations — we love them and want to share them with you.

Laura: Certified PADI master scuba diver instructor. She has been diving around the world for many, many years and has instructed in many locations. She has been leading dive and adventure trips for almost ten years. Laura is a naturalist and likes to get people involved in the different cultures and nature experiences that our group trips afford. She teaches snorkeling and diving on our trips.

Mark: Certified PADI dive master. Mark assists as a dive master on our group escorted trips, helps with scuba instruction, and is involved in all group activities. He has traveled the world, and is a trip leader for Fiji, Borneo, and the Caribbean.

Jennifer: Certified Master Diver. Once a competitive swimmer, Jenn loves the water and all the water sports. She helps teach snorkeling, swimming, and more. She is a trip leader for Fiji and Honduras.

Brinn: A kayaker of all sorts — white water and ocean, Brinn loves the outdoors an all it has to offer. She leads hikes, river trips, and sees to it that everyone has a good time. She is a trip leader for Fiji.

Michael: Kayak Instructor. Dives and Kayaks in the Monterrey Bay Area extensively. Michael is also an avid photographer – above and below water. He gives photo workshops on some trips, teaches kayaking, and is a Rescue Diver. A very experienced guy. He is a trip leader for Belize, Fiji and Borneo.

Karen: Certified PADI scuba instructor. Karen owns her own dive boutique in Pennsylvania and joins us on warm water trips. She has lived in Haiti, and in Belize where she spent seven years managing resorts and leading land tours. She is a trip leader for Belize, Honduras and the Caribbean.

Brian: Professional underwater photographer. Has been diving and shooting under water for almost 30 years. He has lived in Indonesia and knows that area very well. He is a Rescue Diver and also gives photo workshops on some trips.

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